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Fresh Start for Bushman

Bushman starts 2024 with the release of a song that reflects the roots singer’s positive approach to life. ‘Whyne Dung’ is the title of the song which came out January 19 on his Burning Bushes Music label.

The 51-year-old artist wrote and produced the track which he believes will set the tone for a fruitful year in which he plans to release his first album in four years.

“The inspiration to write ‘Whyne Dung’ came from a typical day in my life, just interacting with people and observing how they live; the things they take for granted and the things they cherish. Sometimes I just observe people and wonder if they realize that their time a ‘Whyne Dung’ (winding down) and they need to make the most of opportunity when it comes,” he said.

‘Whyne Dung’ is expected to be on the proposed album, which would be Bushman’s first since ‘Your Life’ in 2021. It would be his 10th studio album.

A return to full-scale touring is also in the works for Bushman, who performed in the Caribbean and South Florida last year. He plans to make a grand return to Europe where he has not been since the Covid-19 lockdowns that started in 2020, and the US West Coast, another of his strong markets.

Bushman has added another element to his promotional team. He has an arrangement with My MM Productions, based in South Florida, to help market his songs, which starts with ‘Whyne Dung’.

Jamaican Orville Marshall is the principal of My MM Productions which has released songs by Wayne Armond, J.C. Lodge and The Greaves Brothers.

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