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Feeling Irie with Glen Washington

Glen Washington came to prominence in 1999 with ‘Brother to Brother’, an album that heard him recording songs on classic Studio One rhythms. For his new album, the veteran singer does the same on Treasure Isle beats.

‘Feeling Irie’, is the title of the set, which is produced by Willie Lindo, who also produced ‘I’m Living Well’, Washington’s 2020 album. It is scheduled for release in July.

Washington said it was his idea to record on rhythms from Treasure Isle, which had an intense rivalry with Studio One during the ska/rock steady eras of the 1960s.

“Me introduce it to Willie, an’ him sey, ‘dat’s a great idea!’. Him jus’ clap some riddim give me and everything come out beautifully,” Washington gushed.

The title song, ‘They Will Soon Have to Pay’, ‘Wherever You Go’ and ‘Home Again’ are some of the songs on the album which will be distributed by LTK20 Recordz, a South Florida-based company.

Washington said it was a similar process that resulted in ‘Brother to Brother’ which gave him the breakthrough after over 20 years in the music business.

“When mi meet Mister (Clement) Dodd, mi ask him for some riddim an’ him sey, ‘a wey yuh know dem riddim ya from?’ But mi grow up on dem riddim as youth an’ hear dem play on soun’ (systems),” he recalled.

‘Brother to Brother’ was produced by Dodd, founder of the legendary label. It has hit singles like ‘Prisoner of Love’ and ‘Love Knows no Shame’ which opened the door for Washington’s career as a vocalist. Previously, he played drums in bands such as The Titans and Happiness Unlimited.

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