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Fashions Cast in Stone

When Daniela Stone launched her DTS Swim company six years ago, she wanted her creations to reflect her love for the ocean. But for her latest line, the Jamaican designer went for a dancehall flavor.

Ocean Melodies is the name of the eight-piece collection, which she describes as a mix of resort wear and swimwear. It has been officially on the market since March 1.

It comprises costumes that bear the names of popular dancehall and soca songs by top artists from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Ocean Melodies includes ‘Position’ (Terror Fabulous) ‘Monokini’, ‘Radar Dress’ (Kes from Trinidad), ‘Drift’ (Teejay) ‘Coverup’, and ‘Continent’ (Nigy Boy) Kaftan.

“It’s a fusion of music and fashion, I’ve always been inspired by sounds from the ocean, so it just made sense to name it Ocean Melodies,” Stone explained.

She points out that it is not the first time DTS Swim has placed a music component to its product which includes original designs as well as custom-made outfits for clients.

“I’m very much into music and I’m inspired by music, but this is the first time I’m really pinpointing my connection or love for music with a collection. But we have past pieces that have names like Fever, and Under Water. It’s just a thing to make it more interesting,” said Stone.

The daughter of singer Sophia Brown, 34-year-old Stone is largely self-taught as a designer. She graduated from the University of Technology with a degree in marketing.

In 2021, DTS Swim’s creations were shown at Miami Swim Week.

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