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Elihu Morris reaches the Other Side of Town

Anyone familiar with the Boston reggae scene knows Elihu Morris. The singer has been a fixture there for many years and helped kept the Jamaican vibe alive in Bean Town. Morris keeps current while staying true to his cultural roots on On Your Side of Town, a song released in early September. He co-produced the track with Andrew “Bassie” Campbell with whom he has collaborated for over 20 years.

The Kingston-born Morris credits his willingness to balance old school and contemporary sounds for staying relevant. He believes that has also made him a better artist. “Well, I have improved in the past 10 years, my music journey has taught me so much experience. By having the pleasure to work with various producers, that gave me a broader perspective of which direction to take my music, to see my journey with a much stronger purpose,” he reasoned. “That makes the brand more marketable and reaches international grounds.”

On Your Side of Town is Morris’ follow-up to Any Little Man, another project with Campbell. That song encouraged empowerment and resilience in economically challenged neighborhoods such as Craig Town where he grew up.

 Craig Town is adjacent to the famed Trench Town and Rema, areas where pioneer acts like Alton Ellis, The Wailers and Delroy Wilson once roamed. Those were some of the artists Morris grew up listening to.

Boston has been home for most of his life. And while his songs have always been positive, he admits his career has had some bumps.

 “After a struggle over the years trying to find the right people, that will build a strong and hardworking team, I am finally seeing how determination can fulfill a strong vision,” he said. “Now I am more confident and ready to continue and complete my journey and purpose. And even though the struggle continues I am in a better place to deal with whatever challenges may occur.”

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