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Dudsymil Sets the Frequency with Highly Anticipated EP

Renowned Canadian artist Dudsymil is gearing up to enchant music enthusiasts worldwide with the release of his latest EP, ‘The Frequency’, slated to drop on December 22nd. Distributed by VPAL, this musical offering is poised to take listeners on a captivating journey through five distinctive tracks, each a testament to Dudsymil’s innovation and musical prowess.

A notable highlight of ‘The Frequency’ is the titular track, featuring Dudsymil’s long-time collaborator and friend, Blk Orchid. Known for their seamless musical chemistry, the duo promises a genre-defying experience, inviting audiences into a realm where melody seamlessly intertwines with profound meaning.

Dudsymil, celebrated for his distinctive approach to sound and composition, invites audiences to embrace the EP as a sonic exploration. ‘The Frequency’ serves as a testament to Dudsymil’s evolution as an artist, pushing boundaries and offering a fresh perspective on contemporary music.

In collaboration with VPAL, a leading distributor in the music industry, Dudsymil ensures that ‘The Frequency’ resonates globally. VPAL’s commitment to supporting independent artists aligns perfectly with Dudsymil’s vision, marking this collaboration as a significant milestone in the artist’s career.

“The Frequency” will be available on all major streaming platforms from December 22nd, marking a momentous occasion for fans eagerly anticipating Dudsymil’s latest release.

“The Frequency” marks a pivotal moment in Dudsymil’s career, building on the success of his December 2022 album release, ‘Zymil Deep Rivers’.  While this album represents his first official body of work, Dudsymil’s musical journey dates back to 2003, recording his inaugural song with Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor on a 24-inch track. In the past five years, he has intensified his focus on music, coining his sound as ‘meds music’ – a reflection of the thoughtful and meditative nature of his musical expression. Dudsymil’s commitment to artistic growth promises an exciting future for fans eager to delve into his evolving sonic universe.

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