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Dizzle JA Drives White Car to Success

In December, Dizzla JA released ‘White Car’, the latest song from ‘Sex Tape’, his raunchy album that came out in December. But even as he released a video to help promote the track, the deejay is using merchandise to enhance his brand.

The Jamaican artist’s La-Fam clothing line became available in December, around the same time ‘White Car’ (which features Short Ghad) rolled onto the market.

According to Dizzle JA, one of the most special moments in his life inspired his fashion debut.  “The idea for the clothing line was a vision I got when my first child was born. La-Fam means family and if you look at the logo you see a family — a male, a female, two kids; a boy and a girl,” he said.

Typical of clothing associated with urban music, the La-Fam line comprises pullover sets ,T-shirts, leggings, SnapBack and socks, as well as cups and shopping bags.  Like ‘White Car’ and other songs from ‘Sex Tape’, Dizzle JA is banking on La-Fam to build his fan base.

“Branding is key, I wanted to have a special bond with my fans or ‘famz’ as I call them. So, my clothing line is something that I add each time I release music I do a special drop for that particular release,” he said.

Dizzle JA is from St. Thomas parish in eastern Jamaica. His first solo effort was ‘Money Move’, a mixtape released in 2005.  ‘Sex Tape’, an eight-song set co-produced by La-Fam Entertainment and 300 Records, is his eighth album.

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