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Denari on a Positive Trend

One of the freshest and most positive voice coming out of Jamaica presently belongs to Reggae artist Denari. His refreshing sound and potent lyrics are evident in his latest releases Positive Trend and Save our Children.

He is a sensational recording artist, songwriter and performer, D W Messam aka Denari was born in central Jamaica. He is a soulful and passionate singer who takes his audience on a musical high of self-reflection, self-awareness and spiritual freedom. Expressing the essence of his soulful, cultural Reggae roots is the very nature of his music.

Growing up in an environment where opportunities were like scarce commodities and war factions go at it ever so often, his love for music was his only refuge. Denari would sneak out to events where music was being performed or stayed tuned to his grandmother’s transistor radio listening to his favourite songs would give him some kind of outlet. Despite the challenges and setbacks, he never gave in to his circumstances or gave up on his gift, knowing he has what it takes: a platinum voice, to begin with, the aptitude to create contagious melodies and write good lyrics, and the gift to sing.

With years of honing his craft on and off the bandstand, recording and performing every chance he gets Denari has evolved into a more dynamic artiste.

He is now working with two of the finest, most creative musicians you could find in Donavon Thompson (Don Bass Music) and Garfield Wray (G-Feel Music). Denari is now ready to verify his authenticity as a great original artiste, sharing his gift with the world.

Learn more about Denari and his music @


Instagram: @denari_groove

Facebook: @Denari Groove

1 Comment

1 Comment


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