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Delawness has designs on London

A working trip to the United Kingdom last summer resulted in a burst of inspiration for Jamaican designer Delawness. His London Emerald capsule collection, released in early December, reflects that trip.

London Emerald comprises sweatshirt, T-shirt, shorts, and Beanie headwear, among others. His leisure wear is accompanied by a hip hop song of the same name, performed by the 26-year-old from Montego Bay. Delawness said observing life in Covid-stricken London was an eye-opener. People enjoyed the summer climate and pranced about as if the pandemic did not exist. It was the perfect light-bulb moment.

“Each of my collections are shaped by their own unique story and package to deliver an experience true to that story. Introspeq was about, introspection. London Emerald, however, is about realizing my dreams in a new place in the midst of a pandemic,” he said.

Introspeq, his first set of designs, was released one year ago.

Delawness was born in St. Thomas parish in eastern Jamaica but has lived most of his life in Montego Bay, Jamaica’s tourism mecca. He attended the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston for two semesters and although he never graduated, his visionary designs have caught the attention of high-profile acts like Grammy winner Koffee and Chronixx, one of the leading lights in neo-roots-reggae.

London Emerald, Delawness notes, captures his growth as an artist. “With each project, I can definitely see how I’m evolving with my artistic direction. My work reflects my growth as an artist and as a individual,” he reasoned. “I always ask myself with every art piece I conceptualize: ‘What problems does it solve? What message am I sending? Who do I want the message to reach?’”

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