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Dancehall Trio Strikes a Chord with ‘Ratings’

The Toronto’s dancehall music scene has birthed an exceptional anthem in the form of ‘Ratings.’  On Friday, July 21ST, 2023 Aktive Record and Country Youth Records will drop this new track which features two of the new faces of Toronto dancehall music, J Stvrr and Trueace, collaborating with dancehall hottest young talent, Rani Rastaciti outa Jamaica. 

 Each artist behind ‘Ratings’ brings a unique background and perspective to the track. Alec ‘Trueace’ Smith, hailing from Rollington Town, Kingston, Jamaica, has made his mark on Toronto’s music scene since immigrating in 2000. His passion for music and profound ability to express emotions through poetry have endeared him to fans and peers alike. Trueace is known for songs like ‘Winning’ and ‘NineX’. 

 Jowayne ‘J Stvrr’ James, born in Gold Smith, Water Works, Jamaica, is a versatile dancehall artist and songwriter. With hit songs like ‘Lock E Ground,’ ‘Wild and Wicked,’ and ‘We Scorching,’ J Stvrr has proven himself to be a rising star in the industry. 

Shirquan ‘Rani Rastaciti’ Harrison, originally from St. Thomas, discovered his calling in music to express his innermost feelings. Despite beginning his professional music career just two years ago, Rani Rastaciti has quickly become an inspiration to many, drawing motivation from his peers and captivating audiences with his raw talent. Rani Rastacitc is known for songs like ‘Booming’, ‘One Day’ and ‘Seperation’. 

 Produced by Aktive Record and Country Youth Records, ‘Ratings’ is the result of hard work and passion. The synergy between J Stvrr, Trueace, and Rani Rastaciti is evident in every note, and their artistic chemistry has given birth to a song that will connect with people on a profound level. 

 The visual representation of ‘Ratings’ by VisualsbyHenry adds another layer of depth to the song. With captivating visuals that complement the powerful lyrics. 

 ‘Ratings’ was written by Alec ‘Trueace’ Smith, Shirquan ‘Rani Rastaciti’ Harrison, Jowayne ‘J Stvrr’ James, and Shaunna Kay ‘Shandiva’ Campbell. The song is available on all leading online stores. 

available on all leading online stores. 

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