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Ching Boss Drops New Single

Dancehall artiste/producer Ching Boss recently released a new single titled ‘Used to Things’. The song which was produced by the artiste was released on his Chings Records label on September 31.

“Sometimes I see people showing off all the flashy things they possess, and I think that’s silly because anything one person can achieve others can too. However, the funny thing is this sometimes the people who aren’t showing off are in a much better position than the ones that are boasting.”

“I’m an artiste and an entrepreneur but I don’t go around showing off the things I own. You will see me wearing nice clothes and jewelry, I also drive a nice car. However, that’s all a part of my image otherwise I am very low key, but I am used to things.”

He’s also promoting a rhythm project which was released in August last year titled Merciful rhythm featuring Chronic Law, Jashi, Demarco, Jahmiel, Mali Don, Ching Boss, Quada, Retstar, Potent Colors and Carlos.

“A very good friend of mine recently passed away so I decided to do a song about him. When I told Jahmiel who was also friends with him, he suggested that I do a whole rhythm project to honor his memory. That’s how the idea for this project came about.”

The hardworking deejay recently teamed up with Drop Top Records to record a thought-provoking single titled Corruption which is scheduled to be released on September 8.

Ching Boss, whose given name is Richard Boodie launched his music career in 2020. Some of his other songs are ‘One Prayer’ done with Shane O, ‘Real Pain’ done with Rytikal, ‘All Right’ done Mallie Don and Savage.

He has also produced songs for several popular dancehall acts including Tommy Lee Sparta, Ryging King, Chronic Law, Jahmiel and Malli Don.

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