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Celcius and Friends Pray for Our Land

The global scourge of Covid-19 destroyed lives, businesses, and economies over a two-year period, starting in early 2020. Its deadly impact has inspired many songs including ‘Prayer for Your Land’ by Celcius and Friends. 

Celcius wrote the song at the height of Covid paranoia, then called on some popular friends to help him project a solemn message showing empathy with persons who suffered personal loss during one of the most destructive periods in history. 

“I know of two children personally whose lives were affected during the pandemic. They lost their parents, and they were not even privileged to do online school, so it became a concern to me that there are many more of these children somewhere around the world,” he said. 

Thriller U, Singing Melody, Gem Myers, Isha Blender and Sean Austin are the other artists featured on ‘Prayer for Your Land’, which is produced by Troyton Music and was released in 2021. Promotion for the single was revived in April. 

The school system in Jamaica was severely affected by Covid-19, with many parents observing that their children’s grades declined during online classes. Some teachers also complained that students were distracted. 

Celcius has been recording songs since 2010. ‘Summa Pon Mi’, ‘Jamaica Landlord’ and ‘Don’t Scatter Roses’ are some of his previous songs. 

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