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Brotha George Visits Gotham City

In the video for ‘Gotham City’, one of the songs from his upcoming album, singer Brotha George gives a graphic look at the dangers of urban life — whether it is in New York City, Chicago or Kingston, Jamaica. 

Although known as a gospel singer, Brotha George changes gears on ‘Firm and Strong’, his first album which is scheduled for release in late July. ‘Gotham City’ sums up the mood of the 13-song set with a direct appeal to wayward youth. 

“When I was growing up in Jamaica, it was (playing) football, cricket or run boat (backyard cooking). If you had differences, you would fist it out, but these youths nowadays are straight violence,” said Brotha George. 

‘Gotham City’ is the second single from ‘Firm and Strong’. It follows ‘God Alone’ which was released in May.  Brotha George’s latest single features multi-instrumentalist Andre “Dretegs” Hawthorne, an emerging musician from Jamaica, who is based in The Bronx. Veteran keyboardists Sidney Mills and Franklyn “Bubbler” Waul, and bassist Leebert “Gibby” Morrison also played on ‘Firm and Strong’. 

Mills and Morrison have collaborated with Brotha George for many years. They played on ‘Unstoppable’, his previous album which came out in 2020. 

Based in Connecticut, Brotha George saw his share of ‘ghetto violence’ during his youth in Jamaica. As a secular artist, he performed on sound systems in some of Kingston’s grittiest areas including Maxfield Avenue and Majesty Gardens. 

‘Firm And Strong’ is one of the last projects on which veteran studio engineer Cegrica “Soljie” Hamilton worked on. He died in Kingston last December at age 69. 

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