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Blistas Shifting Music’s Narrative with Uplifting Vibes and Reality-Based Tunes

In a refreshing twist, the dynamic artist Blistas has decided to chart a new course in 2024. Renowned for hits like ‘Big Billii’, Blistas is set to pivot towards reggae and reality-based songs, responding to the fervent requests of his supporters.

Expressing his motivation for this musical shift, Blistas acknowledged the prevalence of negative narratives in the industry. Against a backdrop of conflicts and rumors, he believes the time is ripe to introduce a wave of uplifting and positive music. “My supporters have been requesting more reggae music from me for a while now, and with all the negative stories and wars and rumors of wars and a lack of uplifting music, I feel like the timing is right,” Blistas stated.

In an industry saturated with negativity, Blistas aims to be a catalyst for change, reshaping the narrative with his upcoming releases. He plans to drop a reggae EP alongside several singles throughout the year.

Blistas’s latest single, ‘Natty Congo’, released on December 29th, is a testament to his newfound musical direction. Produced by Neqzrecords and released on the MFGMusic label, the song promotes a natural and healthier lifestyle. Beyond its catchy beats, ‘Natty Congo’ addresses significant issues, including resistance against the forced cutting of Rastafarian hair, a poignant topic inspired by real-world events. The song also pays tribute to black women embracing their natural hairstyles and taking pride in the care of their hair.

As Blistas embarks on this musical journey, he not only brings a fresh sound to the scene but also adds depth to the discourse, using his platform to shed light on important social issues. With the promise of a reggae-infused EP and a string of singles in 2024, Blistas appears set to make a significant mark on the Canadian music landscape.

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