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Autarchii Hails His Heroes

An admirer of black heroes who paved the way for his generation, Autarchii gives them a shout-out on the song, ‘Blood Ago Run’, which was released in November on his Red a Red Music Group label, through Tuff Gong International.

Bob Marley, Pan African giant Marcus Garvey and Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, are just some of the figures Autarchii hails in the uptempo track which is produced by Jouke Yspeerd out of Belgium. He also admonishes dictators such as Italian Benito Mussolini.

“The names listed in the song comprises revolutionaries who stood for a just cause and fascist colonizers to show the contrast. The message behind ‘Blood Ago Run’ is that immoral acts of oppression will never win. Hence, it calls for the oppressed to stand up against the oppressor,” he explained.

The singer disclosed that ‘Blood Ago Run’ is the launching pad for a busy 2024. He plans to release a flurry of songs as well as his second album by the middle of the year. ‘Disrupting The Status Quo’, his first album, was released in 2021.

Born Jermaine Joseph, Autarchii is the son of Donovan Joseph, a singer who was a member of roots group Time Unlimited during the 1980s. Joseph senior also has an extensive catalog as a solo artist.

‘Disrupting The Status Quo’ contains songs such as ‘Black Beauty’ and ‘Pomps and Pride’ which have earned Autarchii fans on the United States East Coast and in Kenya where he has done shows.

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