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Audley Rollen shows love for God


Anyone familiar with Audley Rollen will tell you about his ‘rude bwoy’ image of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Back then, he was a Rastaman who loved hardcore reggae and weed.

He turned his back on that lifestyle nearly 20 years ago. Now an ordained minister of religion, he still sings, but for God. His latest song is “Never Knew Love Till You”, a rock steady-flavored ‘hymn’ on which he relishes his bond with the Almighty.  “My faith had everything to do with writing and recording this song. Faith allowed me to experience God’s love and it comforted me in knowing that the unconditional love of God is above all,” said Rollen.

He co-wrote and co-produced “Never Knew Love Till You” with his wife Dawn Marie Wisdom, who is also a minister. It was recorded with keyboardist Jason Farmer. “The message in this song is this, ‘try not to have unrealistic expectations of others, because they are not perfect and neither are you’. So, in relationships leave room for disappointments, and try to forgive others even as you would like to be forgiven, and understand that God’s love is the greatest love

because he loved us even when we did not love Him, so let us look for the joy in our trials and thank God for His love,” said Rollen.

Born in Kingston, Rollen cut his musical teeth in Jones Town, Greenwich Farm, Allman Town and east Kingston. His contemporaries included guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith, Robbie Shakespeare and Lloyd Shakespeare (Robbie’s older brother). “Repatriation”, his biggest hit song as a secular artist, was produced by Lloyd “Matador” Daley.

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