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Ammoye Create Stir with Turbulence

If you’re in a stagnant relationship, sometimes both parties need to get a bit creative and re-energise things a bit. That’s the story behind the collaboration, ‘Stir This Thing’, by multi-JUNO Award nominee, singer Ammoye, and reggae vocalist Turbulence.  The song is produced by Donsome Records and is scheduled for release October 27.

“The idea to collaborate with Turbulence came about after I recorded the song. I felt the song would be perfect to have a male artiste on the track to bring about balance in perspective around the song. The female and male perspective. I approached Adrian Hanson, who produced the track, and we brainstormed about which artiste we thought would be an appropriate fit to compliment my sound on the track. We came down to a short list and Adrian reached out to Turbulence. He sent him the track and he did his thing, and we have what we’ve co created together today,” said Ammoye.

For his part, Turbulence said when the opportunity came to collaborate with Ammoye, it was something he couldn’t refuse.  “Well, it was indeed a great feeling and untamed talent is on display, so I rose to the occasion. I was approached by a master at his craft, a great producer, and when he played me her part of the song, I said this would be a pleasure to be a part of the project,” said Turbulence.

On ‘Stir This Thing’, Turbulence had his emotions on display.  “For me, I move with a spiritual and emotional attribute towards my missions, so speaking for myself, I think once you feel the song as a male, then the emotions will flow,” said Turbulence.

Said Ammoye, “I’ve always been open to collaborations with artistes that I respect in the industry, studying the works of Turbulence and seeing the quality of the content of works he’s created, and how intentional he is with his lyrics and vocal versatility. I was honoured to collaborate with this king.”

She added, “Working with him, it was easy yet interesting, because of the fact that I recorded my part in Toronto, and he did his part in Jamaica. The fact that he was able to ‘inner stand’ the intention of the song idea and without me being there in person to explain it fully to him, he was able to capture the ease of what was needed to complete the song.”

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