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Afrobeats Medley with a Little Soul

After scoring with easy-listening reggae songs by J C Lodge and Wayne Armond, My MM Productions out of South Florida decided to go for a different sound with their latest production. ‘Afrobeats Medley’ by The Greaves Brothers (featuring DJ Mossy Kid) flirts with music’s hottest sound. 

South Florida-based siblings Teddy, Yishka and Gersi were approached by Armond and Orville Marshall, principals of My MM Productions, to take a crack at Afrobeats, the trendy genre that originated in West Africa. 

The trio put a Rhythm and Blues flavor to the song by singing The Temptations’ ‘My Lady Soul’, The Drifters’ ‘This Magic Moment’ and ‘Stand by Me’ by Ben E. King. They are accompanied by DJ Mossy Kid, a former member of Sean Paul’s Dutty Cup Crew. 

Marshall said ‘Afrobeats Medley’ stemmed from a recording session he and Armond had with Yishka, a vocalist/saxophonist who, like his brothers, are proteges of their father Teddy Greaves Senior, a Jamaican bandleader. 

“The Idea of a R&B cover song was discussed initially and over several discussions it morphed into a medley with a deejay segment at the end of each song. Wayne started writing the lyrics for the deejay and I finished it. We tried a few deejays, and it wasn’t the right fit and Wayne suggested Mossy Kid who he knows well, and the rest is history.”  ‘Afrobeats Medley’ is currently in the Top 10 of the South Florida Reggae Chart.   

Marshall started My MM Productions three years ago in South Florida. He and Armond have forged a strong partnership that has produced songs by J C Lodge, Luciano, Pinchers and Steve Malekuu. 

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