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Reggae North

Submissions Policy and Balloting Procedures

The mission of Reggae North is to acknowledge, promote, honour and celebrate Reggae and Dancehall Artists who currently reside in Canada.  Eligible participants must be Canadian citizens/Permanent Resident(s), holding Canadian birth certificates, passports or are Canadian Permanent Resident(s) with residency in Canada during the last six months of the eligibility period.


The Reggae North Music Awards (RNMA) help us accomplish this mission by giving public recognition to the Artists who have demonstrated excellence or significant accomplishment in the Canadian Reggae and Dancehall Music Industry.


Submissions can be made by producers, artists, managers, radio stations, publicists, music & entertainment executives, as well as record labels. Five (5) names from each category will be selected and will move on to the voting process to be done by a panel of music professionals assigned to different genres and categories.



National distribution is not required in order for an artist to qualify for the RNMA. However, the Artist must have a CD/Video or single released and available for retail or online sale in Canada in the last year, between November 01, 2022 to November 01, 2023. This means that the product must have been released to the general public within this time frame (proof must be provided).




The balloting process for the RNMA shall consist of an online Submission/Nomination. Once the submission is made, the online ballots will be received and verified by designated Nomination Committee Members representing each genre and category listed. The Nomination Selection Committee will then choose the top 10 nominees and will then forward the names to a panel of jurors who will then choose the top 5 nominees.   The top 5 nominees will be announced.  The jurors will also adjudicate and choose the winner. The winner of each category will be announced on SUNDAY, September 29, 2024 at the Inaugural Annual RNAwards at the prestigious Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario. 


The online entry form shall contain appropriate instructions for  submitting entries in specified RNMA Categories.

RNMA Nomination Committee has the right to withdraw any category at any time in any year if they conclude there is not enough eligible entries in that category (less than five) and, at the RNMA discretion, to place that entry in another category that is appropriate.

RNMA shall list, in alphabetical order, the top FIVE (5) nominees in each category with the most votes in that category on the first submission. 


A panel of judges that represents the different genres/categories of Reggae Music is recruited to adjudicate the materials that are first submitted prior to it being nominated. These individuals are responsible for tabulating the ballots that are received by the nominators for each category.

The number of votes received by any particular nominee shall not be disclosed to anyone by the Nomination Committee unless so directed by resolution adopted by a majority of the Board of Directors of RNMA.


Prior to the announcement of the recipient(s) at the annual RNMA presentation gala, or such other events as may be selected by the organizers:

The name of the recipient(s) of the RNMA in any category will be disclosed by the Nomination Committee Judges tabulating the ballots only to the Board of the RNMA. Disclosure will be restricted to persons who, in the Board’s judgment, require such information in connection with the production and/or broadcast of the RNMA presentation.

The winner for each category will be announced at the RNMA Ceremony on September 29, 2024 @ The Rose Theatre, Brampton, Ontario.



Eligibility period: 

Submissions Open: 

Deadline for all submissions:


November 1, 2022 to November 1, 2023

March 20, 2024

May 20, 2024 | 11:59 pm ET


Have questions or comments?  We are always open to hearing from you and would be happy to address any submissions questions you may have! Call us at 416-660-8911 or connect with us at the link below!